Your safety & driving pleasure under control for smaller cars, saloons & MPV's.

Excellent safety on wet roads.

  • In deep water, a directional tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves maximises water dispersal to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Or on normal wet roads, the g-Grip features a "vortex" tread pattern, designed to disperse water more quickly for better braking and handling.
Unrivalled driving pleasure on dry roads.
  • On straights and in bends, substantial shoulder tread blocks and a continuous central rib give   a rapid steering response and superb control. With improved braking, its "chamfered edge" sipes improve the stability of each tread block for better braking on dry roads.

g-Force Profiler
The ultimate in driving control. For touring, luxury and sports vehicles.

Exceptional grip and steering control.

  • 2 star rating in the well respected ADAC tyre test*.
  • 10% more surface contact with the road (compared to the BFGoodrich Profiler G).
*ADAC is the largest motoring club in Europe. Tests conducted in summer 2006, using tyre size 225/45 R17.

A unique design which holds the road.
  • Solid, square-shaped shoulders for a more sporty drive.
  • Symmetrical flipper-shaped tread pattern for better grip and water dispersal.

ICG Pack
The new IGC (Improved Grip Components) pack gives the g-Force Profiler tire unrivalled driving precision, thanks to:

  • Super-flowing, directional tread which maximizes water dispersal at high speed.
  • Fine sipes for better grip on wet surfaces.
  • Unique mix of components which gives the rubber exceptional internal stiffness for better road holding on dry surfaces and external flexibility for better molding to all the bumps in the road for better grip.
  • Symmetrical palm-tree pattern tread for better adhesion and perfect water dispersal.


In addition to its exclusive design, the g-Force Profiler returns excellent performance in all conditions and combines comfort, control and safety:
  • 2 ADAC stars in 225/45/17 configuration (summer 2006).
  • 10% more area in contact with the ground (compared with BFGoodrich Profiler G).
  • Massive square shoulders for sportier driving.
  • Symmetrical palm-tree tread pattern for better adhesion and perfect water dispersal.

Optimum driving control in all conditions. For smaller cars, saloons & MPVs

Optimum driving control in all conditions.

  • System of shark tooth-style sipes for excellent grip.
  • Directional, flipper-shaped tread pattern for effective water evacuation.
  • Square contour for safe and accurate driving.

Predictable handling on dry surfaces.

Profiler² performance can be seen in its design directly inspired by High Performance tyres:

  • Shark-tooth sipe system for excellent grip.
  • Palm-tree pattern directional tread for efficient water dispersal.
  • Square section for safe and precise handling.

Everyday driving control. For city cars.

Precise steering and control

  • Directional tread pattern with two central ribs (one rib only on some smaller sizes).
  • Shaped tread blocks are more rigid for a better footprint On slippery surfaces:

Optimum driving control.

  • 3 longitudinal grooves and transversal channels for directing water towards the outside of the tyre.
  • Deep transversal sipes for improved grip on wet surfaces


Endowed with the BFGoodrich Grip, the Touring tyre provides control and rapid response in all situations:

  • Directional tread pattern with two central ribs (a single rib on some sizes).
  • The shape of the blocks stiffens the tread to give a better footprint on the ground.
  • 3 longitudinal grooves and transverse channels which send the water to the outside of the tyre.
  • Deep transverse sipes for a clinging effect on wet surfaces

Driving control for all your professional journeys. For utility vehicles and vans.

Excellent steering control on dry and wet surfaces
  • Big tread blocks to maximize grip.
  • Multiple edges to break the water film.
Exceptional endurance and reliability
  • Dual-ply casing for better protection.
  • Strengthened sidewall structure.


Whatever the driving conditions, whatever the load being carried, Activan tyres meet the needs of business users:
  • Massive tread blocks to maximize adhesion on dry ground.
  • Multiple edges to break up the water film.
  • 2-ply casing for better protection.
  • Reinforced sidewall structure.

All Terrain T/A KO
All-Terrain Control. For Multi-purpose and off road 4x4 vehicles (50% on-road, 50% off-road).

Excellent traction on all types of terrain.

  • Deep and aggressive tread pattern extended on the sidewalls
Exceptional sturdiness and long life.
  • Casing with three protective plies (TriGard ® structure)
  • Stiffer tread area with two full width steel belts.
  • Rim Protector
A bold look that transforms the appearance of any vehicle .
  • Choice of distinctive raised white letters on one sidewall and black outline serrated branding on the other


The All Terrain T/A KO tyre is totally versatile and offers maximum driving pleasure on all types of path:

  • The tread pattern extends onto the sidewalls.
  • Deep aggressive tread pattern with high sipe density.
  • Casing with Trigard structure (three protective belts).



  •  Unprecedented grip on rocks, mud and dirt.
  •  Winner of several rock-crawling championships.
  • Highly puncture resistant sidewall with 4 sidewall plies.

The road under control. For on-road 4x4 vehicles (95% on-road, 5% off-road).

Drivability, excellent road-holding & breaking throughout the year, on all types of road surface.

  • Directional tread pattern.
  • Stable tread blocks.
An exclusive design.
  • Heavily siped, aggressive tread pattern for increased driveability on all road surfaces.
  • Longitudinal grooves for effective evacuation of water.


Highly efficient in all situations, the Macadam T/A is the tyre for road oriented 4x4s:

  • Directional tread pattern.
  • Very stable tread blocks.
  • Aggressive tread pattern with high sipe density for better mobility on all types of surface.
  • Longitudinal grooves provide good water dispersal.

Mud Terrain T/A KM2
Nothing stops you! For serious off-road enthusiasts (20% on-road, 80% off-road).

The Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 doesn't mess around. Designed from the mud up, it's built to overcome almost any off-road obstacle

Stronger sidewall cords

  •  For a less vulnerable sidewall
Aggressive sidewall tread lugs
  • For more bite and better sidewall protection 

Cut and chip resistant sidewall compound

  • Resists rocks and other rough obstacles


Performance and styling has been improved to give serious off-road enthusiasts the performance edge they need with a stronger, more capable tyre than anything they've been used to.

  • Over-sized sidewall cords up to 33% stronger than the previous generation tyre
  • Extended sidewall lugs mean more grip, especially in ruts and soft soil conditions.
  • Sidewall compound is highly resistant to chipping and bruising caused by rocks and other off-road obstacles.

Long Trail T/A Tour
The best on-road tyre for occasional off-road use.For on-road 4x4 vehicles (90% on-road, 10% off-road).

  • Excellent traction, braking, performance & cornering ability in the wet.
  • Excellent performance on dry surfaces.
  • Adapts to all road surfaces in all weather conditions. 
  • Exceptional driving comfort.

On asphalt or off the beaten track, the Radial Long Trail T/A Tour tyre makes it possible to drive on various types of terrain:

  • Hard-wearing rubber compound.
  • Two metallic bracing plies reinforce the tread area.
  • Asymmetric tread pattern with sculpted inner shoulders.
  • Deep tread pattern.
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